How Objectivism Saved Me

I was raised in a Christian family being taught that the more we loathed ourselves and life, the greater our chances were of going to heaven. In that environment, self-esteem is discouraged and hypocritical doctrine creates chaos within the subconscious. As I aged, that internal chaos increased and rebellion became my release. I got heavily into drugs and was eventually kicked out on the streets where survival depended on my ability to hustle.

The longer I was in that lifestyle, the more ruthless I became and eventually was sent to prison for a long sentence as the shorter ones didn’t scare me straight as the system intended. However, the longer sentence only increased my anger and I got involved with prison gangs that led to my being sent to solitary confinement for years. The solitude exacerbated internal suffering until I was consumed with hatred, beginning with hatred for self and extending to everything else.

I desperately wanted the suffering to end and thought that the answer was in trying to become the person society wanted me to be. I embraced religion and became very self-righteous. I repressed all sinful need which manifested itself into more self-loathing and was released in the form judging of others for not being able to deprive themselves as I had. I built self-esteem on trying to become what I thought I was supposed to be as described by a book written a few thousand years ago. Yet, I was hating who I had become because it was all a façade and deep down I knew that I could never be who the Bible wanted me to be.

That all came crumbling down when I learned that the foundation I built on didn’t exist but during that period I also learned two great lessons: self-esteem must be based on actual value and trying to be anything outside of who I am sets me up for failure. Enlightenment began when I started to study psychology and philosophy, finding that internal chaos was caused by what Freud called the battle between the “ego” and “superego”, or human nature and morality. Repression of the former creates neurosis but hedonism prevented achievement, which was one of our psychological needs. And the morality, when not based on Individualism, results in low self-esteem since one can’t ever be what others think he/she should be. Failure to become that unattainable ideal being usually ends in self-destructive rebellion or overcompensation and extremism.

After reading “Atlas Shrugged”, something awakened from within that I still didn’t understand but curiosity led me to read every Objectivist book that I could get my hands on until clarity set in.  The fog cleared and I had a deep understanding of life and people. Happiness required Individualism (the ego and superego in harmony) in combination with balance. Objectivism was the only belief system which unites human nature and morality, stating that purpose comes with achieving one’s highest potential while satisfying physical and psychological need in a balanced manner but success is dependent on our ability to embrace reality and use reason.

Objectivism gave me the strength to dismiss ideology and religion, while starting my path towards individual greatness. I began to master strengths and strengthen weakness while ignoring anything irrational. Due to my past, I understand that it would be difficult for others to see my value but it was also a filtering system to help me avoid those who didn’t get it. Now I write to inspire others because if I can rise from the depths of hell, there’s no excuse for others to quit. I spent eight years in solitary confinement, where half of that breaks most that are forced to go through it and here I am with a real estate investment company and helping others overcome adversity. I’m turning a negative into a positive and Objectivism was the beginning of that quest.

I follow the Objectivist Observer Blog to read about Objectivist thought applied to current events. I realize that all other forms of media are biased with sinister intentions. Our Nation has lost its claim of greatness and the people are beginning to see that things aren’t right. Revolution is coming but in the Information Age that revolution will be an intellectual one that I want to ensure that Objectivism had a part of. The late Ayn Rand said that political change doesn’t come from voting but rather through education so it’s my goal to help re-store American greatness through educating the masses on Objectivism and then spreading that enlightenment to the rest of the world.

Enlightened Ones

Indifferently floating above the shell,

Seeing past the flames of hell.

Choosing to live beyond smoke screens,

And cutting away puppet strings.

Understanding all things to be connected,

And no moment to be neglected.

Free from tradition, insecurity and ideology,

The All-seeing Eye makes no apology.

True freedom and emotional balance,

Sipping from a divine chalice.

Watching the flock herded by wolves,

Who want to steal their precious loaves.

The cure comes with opening eyes,

But most prefer to embrace lies.


The warrior awakens from his morning trance,

At peace while nature does it’s dance.

Smog free so the mind’s tuned in,

Disciplined, not worshipping whim.

Prime conditioned in all phases,

Leading by all example around the bases.

Rising for daily combat practice,

Preparation becoming the ultimate tactic.

A man of honor who sets the standard,

To the sheep, lies he refuses to pander.

Magnetic and leading with loyalty,

Enlightening the flock, appointing them royalty.

His presence alone makes wolves tremble,

A rock amongst inferior pebbles.

Power received, incorruptible;

A rational mind, far from gullible.

The end in himself, not a martyr for sin,

A warrior’s mentality guarantees a win.

Traditionalism’s Effect on Society

Society is a group of individuals living in a community and that community’s culture is determined by its majority’s beliefs. Throughout history, culture for any given area was passed down through generations as most communities were filled with people of similar ethnicity and religion. Thus, tradition paved the way regarding beliefs and such beliefs were above questioning. However, as globalization increases the standard of living for all nations, we as individuals must evolve in our thinking to avoid being left behind and/or plagued with internal chaos, having beliefs contradictory to reality. It’s pointless to fight the world’s momentum since that is beyond any of our control and our mission isn’t to waste time forcing our beliefs on the world but rather to adapt to our surroundings, spending all efforts on being the best we can in any given environment.

Traditionalism is when tradition, whether ethnic or religious, sets the standard for a culture and has been the authority in every area since communities began to develop, when finding that survival became easier with the forming of communities. Then, those early compromises were passed on to following generations as the way to live since limited knowledge and communication with other communities rendered each community ignorant.

However, due to technological advancement, we have come to the Information Age so infinite information comes at the click of a mouse. We have no excuse for ignorance and all that holds us back from mental evolution is the fear of change, which Traditionalists intentionally provoke with fear mongering to maintain power. Yet, as time passes, communities rarely hold on to its original ethnic/religious make up that created the initial cultural standards so Traditionalism becomes irrational. And with Traditionalism being a primitive mentality, the less authoritative it becomes within a society, the more that society evolves.

It’s an individual’s choice as to whether one wants to blindly following tradition in an attempt to hinder progress or to become one of the enlightened ones and set new standards in harmony with the modern world. Most will choose the former, afraid to go against the grain and bowing to fear of change. However, there will be a small minority of enlightened individuals who will act as guides, leading the primitive and fearful to higher ground, such as Lewis and Clark. Except, this isn’t a physical journey through unchartered land, it’s a mental one on the path to enlightenment and higher global potential.

Greatness requires courage because it’s about setting the standard and facing constant scrutiny from the majority rather than being one of the flock. However, Columbus was considered a fool for believing the world to be round, so does acceptance outweigh doing the right thing or progressing? Should we blindly follow primitive cultural standards, fearing controversy, or acknowledge that tradition hinders progress and rise above common thinking? The world needs an organized effort by the enlightened ones to save it from destruction. Who wants to join me on this mission?

Love and Relationships

Society has watered down “love” and relationships with its politically correct, fuzzy propaganda. It becomes apparent when one states he/she loves an object or an acquaintance rather than reserving such a strong word for special occasions and loved ones. Or not showing appreciation through action with those you are in relationships with, falsely believing that you’re entitled to their best without giving yours.

There are many different types of relationships, from business to personal and friendly to intimate. However, there’s a basic, long forgotten common denominator amongst all of them that must be discussed in order to keep them healthy: all relationships must be mutually beneficial. People have been taught that being human, in itself, entitles one to the best of treatment from all others, even when not doing the same for them. The diva mentality has become popular in American culture and that is scary, where the things which should matter least are put on a pedestal and we wonder why our bonds with others have become less satisfying.

Truth is that no matter what kind of relationship you are engaging in, you must provide value to it or it will be less than its potential. Value is subjective and will be viewed differently in every situation but that’s why it’s so important to understand the nature of the relationship and the needs of everyone involved so that you can contribute in a mutually beneficial way. Without that mentality, one is void of value and becomes a parasite. The more one strives to contribute in a positive manner to all relationships, the more valuable one becomes to others and the better all such relationships become.

As the late Ayn Rand states, “Love is a valuation” and shouldn’t be given away freely. To love is to cherish and that requires complete dedication. One should be courteous end empathetic towards others but reserve love for a certain few or else the ones deserving of love are being shown that their love isn’t appreciated. As in, no matter how much they give, they will be valued to the same extent as all others.

Those most able to love are the ones who love themselves and understand it to be a rare emotion reserved only for the few. Others falsely believe themselves to be saints when they claim to love all, but in reality, love no one since love can’t be de-valued, only misunderstood. And to de-value such a beautiful thing proves that one isn’t worthy of love.

Another important aspect of this is an understanding of the difference between irrational and rational love. The former is allowing the strong emotion in an intimate situation without being backed by similar core values and goals. The result is chaos or repression; either way, an unhealthy relationship because after the honeymoon period ends, all the differences which were initially cute become a problem. Rational love is reserving intimate love for only one’s soul mate, which is harder to find, yet exists for everyone. It requires friendship first in order to understand each other’s core values and goals, then only giving true intimate love to a similar being but the rewards for refusing to settle for less are worthy of the hard work it will take.

Part of happiness is satisfying psychological needs and two important components of that are healthy relationships with others and finding true love. However, neither can be had without understanding them in depth. Don’t fall into the trap of being a follower, especially regarding these issues or else misery will be the consequence of such a decision. Be valuable to those you choose to deal with, prioritize according to value and save yourself for “the one”.


Two like souls in separate dimensions,

The distance causing nothing but tension.

One amongst light, the other burning,

Mutual awareness creates yearning.

Flames polishing this diamond to shine,

And light aged goodness like fine wine.

Such purity begets a unique pull,

Overcoming all odds like a running bull.

Once the wine is poured in a diamond glass,

Chemical reaction gives the world peace at last.

The Madman

The madman’s screams echo in my skull,

Bursting at the seams, a bucking bull.

Every moment a double struggle,

Moving forward as he makes trouble.

Revenge requires overcoming neurosis,

Taking remedies in heavy doses.

But killing him isn’t the solution,

He fuels my drive without pollution.

So I choose to walk along the high wire,

Hoping my past will inspire.


Crawling across the blistering sand,

Cotton mouthed with burning hands.

The sun beating down on my battered frame,

Cursing the sound of my very name.

Out of nowhere, beauty’s revealed,

Just when I thought my fate was sealed.

Goddess floating above a fresh spring,

Holding meat and fruit under her wing.

Overcome with relief, ignoring instinct,

Her presence and safety, quite distinct.

Taking the bait without delay,

Slitting my throat to end the day.

Untitled Poem

Focused as a hawk stalking prey,

Consequences collected like pay.

The sole rational man with solutions,

Gas mask on, blocking pollution.

Like a ghost soaring through the crowd,

Incoherent chatter, static but loud.

Eye to eye, no hesitation,

Acting with absolute patience.

Isolated but beaming with peace,

Energy transported, time to feast.